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Easy to create, connect and configure, the Honeywell Lyric Gateway serves as the central hub for security, lifestyle management, lights, locks, thermostats and more—all controlled via integrated touchpads and wirelessly on smart devices. It’s IP (Wi-Fi and Ethernet) and cellular enabled, installs quickly and easily and is designed for the way consumers really live—delivering a great connected home experience right out of the box.

New SiX Two-Way Wireless Sensors
Lyric Keypad
LYRIC-3G Digital Cellular Communicator (AT&T)
LYRIC-CDMA Communicator
5800 Wireless Products


A virtual game changer, AlarmNet™ 360 is an online management platform that revolutionizes account setup and creation for Lyric Gateway. Just download the AlarmNet 360 app from iTunes® or the Google Play™ store, or visit and create the account using the panel’s MAC address. This can be done onsite or prior to your arrival—it’s your choice.

Simply connect the Ethernet cable to the router, plug the power cable into the unit, and you’re ready to configure Lyric Gateway. For added flexibility, you can also use the on-board Wi-Fi® or optional cellular module.

Enjoy the easiest configuration yet via the AlarmNet 360 mobile app. Just walk to the individual sensors or devices, trip them, enter the descriptors and you’re done. It’s that simple, that smart, and lets you move on to the next job that much faster.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Lyric Gateway End-user Brochure PDF 2102.66 KB 11/02/2016
Lyric Gateway End-user Tri-fold PDF 639.65 KB 11/02/2016
AlarmNet 360 Lyric Gateway Dealer Sell Sheet PDF 280.03 KB 11/18/2016
Lyric Communicators Data Sheet - Canada French PDF 825.37 KB 10/31/2016
Lyric Communicators Data Sheet PDF 129.27 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Dealer Playbook PDF 3882.52 KB 11/09/2016
Lyric Dealer Sell Sheet PDF 100.17 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Gateway Data Sheet PDF 216.28 KB 10/21/2016
Lyric Keypad Data Sheet PDF 93.11 KB 11/04/2016
SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology Data Sheet PDF 748.96 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Gateway User Guide PDF 2364.90 KB 10/13/2016
Lyric Gateway User Starter Guide PDF 538.16 KB 10/04/2016
Lyric Gateway End-user Sell Sheet PDF 454.68 KB 11/02/2016
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
LCP300-L Lyric Gateway
LCP300-LC Lyric Gateway (Canada)
LCP300-DK Lyric Gateway Desk Stand (included with Gateway)
LCP500-24B Backup Battery for Lyric Gateway (24-hour)
LCP500-4B Backup Battery for Lyric Gateway (4-hour)
LKP500-EN Lyric Keypad English
LKP500-ENC Lyric Keypad English (Canada)
LKP500-DK Lyric Keypad Desk Stand
SiXCT SiX Two-Way Wireless
Door/Window Sensor
SiXPIR SiX Two-Way Wireless
Motion Detector
SiXSMOKE SiX Two-Way Wireless Smoke
Detector (US/Latin America)
SiXSMOKE-CN Lyric Wireless Smoke
Detector (Canada)
SiXGB SiX Two-Way Wireless
Glassbreak Detector
SiXFOB SiX Two-Way Wireless Key
SiXSIREN SiX Two-Way Wireless Siren
LYRIC-CDMA Digital Cellular Communicator (Verizon®)
LYRIC-3G Digital Cellular Communicator (AT&T®)
Lyric-3GC Digital Cellular Communicator Canada Only (Rogers)

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