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Lyric™ Gateway


Gateway to More Growth, Installations and Profits

Great for your business…

  • Simply the fastest to install
  • Designed for consumers controlling their home wirelessly on smart devices
  • Mobile segment
  • Renters
  • New home buyers
  • Simple plug and play setup
  • Ethernet connection eliminates sunset issues

Great for your customers who…

  • Are mobile device focused
  • Use social media on a daily basis
  • Do not require a central location for operation - They want to place it anywhere in their home
  • Rent and may want to take the system with them when they move
  • Are less focused on monitoring for security, but willing to pay for life safety monitoring

New SiX Two-Way Wireless Sensors
Lyric Keypad
Lyric-3GC Digital Cellular Communicator
LYRIC-CDMA Communicator
5800 Wireless Products

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Gateway ETL Label PDF 176.52 KB 12/19/2016
Lyric Gateway End-user Brochure PDF 2102.66 KB 11/02/2016
Lyric Gateway End-user Tri-fold PDF 639.65 KB 11/02/2016
AlarmNet 360 Lyric Gateway Dealer Sell Sheet PDF 280.03 KB 11/18/2016
Lyric Communicators Data Sheet PDF 129.27 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Communicators Data Sheet - Canada French PDF 825.37 KB 10/31/2016
Lyric Dealer Playbook PDF 3885.10 KB 02/21/2017
Lyric Dealer Sell Sheet PDF 100.17 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Dealer Sell Sheet - French PDF 54.18 KB 02/27/2017
Lyric Keypad Data Sheet PDF 93.11 KB 11/04/2016
Lyric Keypad Data Sheet - French PDF 697.64 KB 02/27/2017
SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology Data Sheet PDF 748.96 KB 09/21/2016
SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology Data Sheet - French PDF 670.15 KB 02/27/2017
Lyric Gateway User Guide PDF 2364.90 KB 10/13/2016
Lyric Gateway User Starter Guide PDF 183.33 KB 03/24/2017
Lyric Gateway End-user Sell Sheet PDF 454.68 KB 11/02/2016
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
LCP300-L Lyric Gateway
LCP300-LC Lyric Gateway (Canada)
LCP300-DK Lyric Gateway Desk Stand (included with Gateway)
LCP500-24B Backup Battery for Lyric Gateway (24-hour)
LCP500-4B Backup Battery for Lyric Gateway (4-hour)
LKP500-EN Lyric Keypad English
LKP500-ENC Lyric Keypad English (Canada)
LKP500-DK Lyric Keypad Desk Stand
SiXCT SiX Two-Way Wireless
Door/Window Sensor
SiXPIR SiX Two-Way Wireless
Motion Detector
SiXSMOKE SiX Two-Way Wireless Smoke
Detector (US/Latin America)
SiXSMOKE-CN Lyric Wireless Smoke
Detector (Canada)
SiXGB SiX Two-Way Wireless
Glassbreak Detector
SiXFOB SiX Two-Way Wireless Key
SiXSIREN SiX Two-Way Wireless Siren
LYRIC-CDMA Digital Cellular Communicator (Verizon®)
LYRIC-3G Digital Cellular Communicator (AT&T®)
Lyric-3GC Digital Cellular Communicator Canada Only (Rogers)

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