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Pro-Watch® 4.3
Security Management Suite


With a new mobile application for iOS and an open platform for greater third-party integration, Honeywell’s Pro-Watch 4.3 offers a high quality, scalable solution for your customers’ security needs..

Pro-Watch 4.3 works with third-party systems, providing you with more integration opportunity while providing your customers with more choices and cost savings by leveraging existing and installed equipment. Plus, the new mobile application for iOS lets users manage time-sensitive access rights, critical alarms and more! The Pro-Watch system is ideal for enterprise class security in strong regulatory environments and where wide integration capability is valued.


  • User Experience: New, iOS mobile application lets users modify access and control doors, saving critical time.
  • Integration: Open platform allows greater third-party integration and the ability to leverage existing investments.
  • Quality: Scalable, reliable solution meets enterprise level needs.

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
Pro-Watch® 4.3 Security Management Suite Data Sheet 585.71 KB 28/02/17
Pro-Watch® with Galaxy® Dimension Data Sheet 359.36 KB 18/02/17
PW-M Series Modular Access Control System 285.84 KB 17/04/17
Choose Open. Choose Pro-Watch Brochure 644.56 KB 21/02/17
Compliance Report Manager 610.37 KB 28/02/17
Pro-Watch® 4.3 - Education vertical brochure 311.08 KB 21/02/17
Pro-Watch® 4.3 Healthcare vertical brochure 268.35 KB 28/02/17
Pro-Watch® allows you to keep your system 371.28 KB 28/02/17
Pro-Watch® AP Identity Management Solution 498.34 KB 18/02/17
Compatibility Chart - Pro-Watch 4.3 Compatibility Chart 364.84 KB 14/02/17
User Guide - Pro-Watch 4.3 Web Interface User Guide 11.73 MB 14/02/17
User Guide: Pro-Watch® 4.2 Software Keys 1.05 MB 14/07/17
Other Resources
Pro-Watch ® 4.3 Field Panel Cross Reference Matrix 96.36 KB 04/08/17
Pro-Watch® 4.3 Ad 496.47 KB 21/02/17
Pro-Watch® 4.3 DVD Sleve 5.97 MB 28/02/17
Release Notes - Pro-Watch 4.3 840.93 KB 14/02/17
A&E Specs
Specs - Pro-Watch 4.3 A&E Specifications 129.43 KB 06/06/17
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