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Lyric™ Controller


Easier to Sell
The feature-rich platform lets you easily add smart home technology to any size installation.

Easier to Install
End-user replaceable GSM or CDMA cellular options are available—reducing the need for truck rolls. The Lyric Controller supports Honeywell SiX two-way and 5800 Series wireless sensors, giving you the flexibility to meet any installation requirement.

Easier to Maintain
Programming and remote management can be done via AlarmNet 360 for easy maintenance and faster, more efficient installs.
On-board Wi-Fi® and Z-Wave® provide maximum flexibility—letting you reach more consumers and offer solutions that grow with their changing needs.

When enabled, SiX devices are locked into the Lyric panel and must be unpaired by the installing dealer to be used again—protecting the accounts and hardware you’ve enrolled.

The Honeywell Lyric Controller serves as the central hub for security and lifestyle management including: lights, locks, thermostats and more— all controlled wirelessly from a dynamic, 7-inch display or remotely on smart devices. Lyric is Wi-Fi® enabled, features easy installation and is designed for the way consumers really live—delivering a great connected home experience right out of the box.

New SiX Two-Way Wireless Sensors
Lyric Keypad
LYRIC-3G Digital Cellular Communicator
5800 Wireless Products

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Alarmnet 360 Web and Mobile Features Chart PDF 54.23 KB 04/05/2018
Alarmnet 360 Web and Mobile Features Chart - French PDF 44.83 KB 05/10/2017
Lyric Controller End-user Tri-fold PDF 229.70 KB 06/14/2018
Lyric Dealer Certification Brochure PDF 1284.76 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Dealer Certification Brochure - French PDF 1163.74 KB 02/27/2017
Lyric Dealer Playbook PDF 3998.21 KB 12/01/2017
Lyric End-user Brochure PDF 2030.40 KB 06/08/2018
Lyric End-user Brochure - French PDF 2151.92 KB 12/07/2017
Lyric Family Dealer Sell Sheet PDF 99.54 KB 05/03/2017
Lyric Family Dealer Sell Sheet - French PDF 59.27 KB 05/11/2017
Lyric Platform Dealer Flyer PDF 189.31 KB 06/28/2017
Lyric Z-Wave Compatibility Chart PDF 484.02 KB 09/21/2016
Training Video list PDF 327.59 KB 06/12/2018
AlarmNet Intranet and Internet Communications White Paper PDF 1512.24 KB 07/17/2017
Lyric Communicators Data Sheet PDF 129.27 KB 09/21/2016
Lyric Communicators Data Sheet - Canada French PDF 825.37 KB 10/31/2016
Lyric Controller Data Sheet PDF 299.94 KB 12/18/2017
Lyric Controller Data Sheet - French PDF 345.45 KB 12/07/2017
Lyric Keypad Data Sheet PDF 93.11 KB 11/04/2016
Lyric Keypad Data Sheet - French PDF 697.64 KB 02/27/2017
SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology Data Sheet PDF 300.40 KB 12/01/2017
SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology Data Sheet - French PDF 670.15 KB 02/27/2017
Lyric Controller User Guide PDF 2017.54 KB 10/13/2017
Lyric Controller User Quick Guide (English Only) PDF 493.78 KB 02/09/2016
Lyric Controller User Quick Guide (Multi Language) PDF 925.34 KB 08/25/2016
Lyric Controller Voice Command Supplement PDF 216.35 KB 08/24/2016
Lyric Guide de reference pour l'utilisateur PDF 2234.08 KB 08/30/2017
Lyric Supplément pour les commandes vocales PDF 197.83 KB 08/24/2016
Smart Scene Add Edit Delet PDF 90.66 KB 08/12/2015
Connected Home End-User Brochure PDF 690.06 KB 10/25/2017
Introductory Guide to Z-Wave Technology PDF 236.86 KB 07/18/2016
Lyric Controller Commercial Sell Sheet PDF 3701.24 KB 03/19/2018
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
LCP500-L Lyric Controller
LCP500-LC Lyric Controller (Canada)
LCP500-DK Lyric Controller Desk Stand
LCP500-24B Backup Battery for Lyric Controller (24-hour)
LCP500-4B Backup Battery for Lyric Controller (4-hour)
LKP500-EN Lyric Keypad English
LKP500-ENC Lyric Keypad English (Canada)
LKP500-DK Lyric Keypad Desk Stand
SiXCT SiX Two-Way Wireless
Door/Window Sensor
SiXPIR SiX Two-Way Wireless
Motion Detector
SiXSMOKE SiX Two-Way Wireless Smoke
Detector (US/Latin America)
SiXSMOKE-CN SiX Two-Way Wireless
Smoke Detector (Canada)
SiXGB SiX Two-Way Wireless
Glassbreak Detector
SiXFOB SiX Two-Way Wireless
Two-WayWireless Key
SiXSIREN SiX Two-Way Wireless Siren
LYRIC-CDMA Digital Cellular
Communicator (Verizon)
LYRIC-3G Digital Cellular
Communicator (AT&T)
Lyric-3GC Digital Cellular Communicator
Canada Only (Rogers)

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